Be Part Of the Solution

We know that ethics, education, and prevention are solutions to open a better future for all individuals.


We want to create a healthy environment for all individuals. To do this, we establish a series of standards, including a Code of Ethics.


Strong education and healthy development of individuals is essential to us. Our pedagogical framework favors a complete development of all aspects of an individual life.


Better safe than sorry ! We are providing comprehensive tools to individuals to prevent cyberaddiction, suicide, and all types of injuries.


More About The EEP Standards

The EEP Standards are a series of standards and norms established to set the base for a healthier ecosystem. The Standards included :

The Frameworks



The First Frameworks

The first framework contains the professional skills that form the basis of the relationship between a coach and his or her athletes. In this sense, the esports coach will find : 1) The main educational theories (learning and teaching). 2) Methods and tools for planning and operationalizing esports educational activities. 3) Evaluation of the performance and needs of his or her athletes and feedback strategies. 4) The professional stance and ethical principles governing the practice of the coach's activities.


The Second Frameworks

The second framework, contains the tools for acquiring knowledge and developing skills related to the discipline. There are four distinct but complementary modules on : 1) The acquisition of disciplinary content, which is necessary to master the rules and conditions of victory of the game. 2) The modalities of strategic and tactical training. 3) The foundations of mechanical and technical training. 4) Performance training, commonly known as "scrimmage."


The Third Frameworks

The third framework contains the tools for learning about the issues specific to esports' practice and the development of self-control and self-mastery through and for this practice. In this regard, the content of the individual and social framework is broken down into four main modules : 1) The development of cognitive and metacognitive skills. 2) The development of social and emotional skills. 3) The development of teamwork skills. 4) The development of healthy habits, both physical and numerical.